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  1. Colour: Braidz

    Firstly let’s get down to business. Are you whipping your hair back and fourth? You better be. Anyway I am still in hair rehab so constantly looking for hairspiration (LOL get it? hair & inspiration combined?). 

    Every year for one special event Miss Colombia braids my hair and I love it. Then I spotted this shot of Kourtney Kardashian rocking braids and an amazing leopard print dress pregnant - TDF and I was reminded of my love for braidz. If only I could don the braids braidz more often, that would be if I could actually braid myself. Ok so here are some amazing braidz I have found on the WORLD WIDE WEB (get on board people. OK that really was awky).

    The ultimate braid godess Nicole Richie.

    Image thanks to Glamour.

    If only I could pull off Ciara’s cornrows.

    Image thanks to Your-Hairatyles.

    I think I am going to try out this one next time, thoughts? Discuss (no this is not a year 12 essay sorry). You goin’ wich ya bad self Jessica Alba.

    Image thanks to Stephen Lovekin / Getty via About.

    Look how well fit and lush Penelope Cruz’ hair is? I am totally totes jealous jel.

    Image thanks to Evan Agostini / Getty Images via Womens Hair

    Guess who?*


    Image thanks to Pacific Coast News via Style Bistro

    I am loving this braid from Jessica Simpson however I think you need the thick hair!

    Image thanks to Best Of Both Worlds AZ.

    C’mon I couldn’t post without the queen of braids right? Willow Smith is totes whipping her hair back and fourth with this. 

    Image thanks to Roc Nation via Style News. 


    * Um it’s Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny From The Block aka J LO.

    P.S So Miss Gamble’s lovely little nephew broke up with his girlfriend. She asked him why and he whispered, ‘because she likes the chicken thigh and I like the chicken wing. It’s just not going to work.’ Both LOLZ and cute at the same time.
    P.P.S FYI I like all parts of the chicken 

  2. Colour: Donning The ‘Up Do’


    If you’re new to the blog, welcome. If you’re new to the blog you won’t know about my hair situation. Well guys, I have been donning the ‘up do’ for a while now. I even went to a wedding on the weekend (with a slicked back straight pony tail thank you very much) and the bride had one of the biggest buns I have ever seen. Point of the story? It looked way cool (yes that was/is grammatically correct). I am all about the ‘up do’ bebes and if you saw the images from The Met Ball in NYC, then I am right on trend. 

    Camilla Belle looking TDF.

    Image thanks to Just Jared. 

    Check out the muscles on Gisele Bundchen! I love how she looks athletic and curvy at the same time. Must be all that steak. Also LOVING the slicked to the side hairstyle. This is something I have to try whilst my hair is in ‘hair rehab.’ 

    Image thanks to Just Jared.

    Again with the slicked back hair, Kate Bosworth is rocking it especially with her eyes, one blue and one brown! 

    Image thanks to Just Jared.

    Now with a middle part, thanks Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Image thanks to Just Jared

    Oh Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. This is one of my favourites. By far. 

    Image thanks to Just Jared


  3. Colour: Do you brush your eyebrows upwards? Cos I do.

    OMG guys like I totally need to tell you my latest obsession. As you probably have guessed by now, I literally HATE things looking perfect. Let’s be honest with my hair it would not work! P.S I wore my hair down for the first time this past weekend. Sacre bleu. Shock, horror. Amazing, I know. 

    I have always loved the less groomed look when it comes to eyebrows, and I have been growing mine out since December to get them looking thick and tres chic. 

    So, on a weekend away with Miss Yarra Valley last year when a certain incident happened with cheese. Let’s not go there. She informed me that she brushes her eyebrows upwards? WHAT? Why have I never tried this. So I started trying this out but it wasn’t sticking. AND at the same time I started using the Living Luminizer from RMS (my favourite cosmetics range, natural and makes you glow beyond belief). So, I dab on the RMS in the arch of my eyebrows then comb/brush them upwards and voila. My eyebrows look thicker and way cool.

    So, there’s my beauty tip for the day, nothing beats the natural look ladies. 


    P. S As the great Miss Yarra Valley says and I quote, ‘It’s like Abs from 5ive’s hair – but for your eyebrows!’ In finishing I will quote the great (hmmm awky) Miss NCL ‘It’s how I rock ma eyebrows!’

    Image thanks to Members.Tripod

  4. Life: ‘W’ is for ‘Wednesday’ is for ‘Wash Day’ no more :(

    Image thanks to Sandy Ramblings


    Alright the (hair) doctor has ordered. 

    So I have always been pretty obsessed with my hair (yeah I said it). I am going to go as far to say that it’s kinda been ‘my thing.’ In my early teens I chopped it off a la Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors. Now I have extremely wild and curly hair so to tame it, I would sleep with gel, hair pins about an inch apart from each other with a beenie to make sure there was no movement when I slept. This led to many styles including long and ironed out with an actual iron; to butterfly clips (about fifteen) and sparkly chopsticks, not to mention a classy hair piece with tiny braids all through it (I know what you’re thinking, and yes it was saucy). Later in my teens teens I decided a longer mullet with thick blonde streaks was going to happen (yes it was a little horrific); which lead to the natural 20’s from a bob to growing it out with highlights (not tips Miss Bronx keeps reminding me, it’s not the 90’s anymore), sometimes balayage or sometimes even tye die. And you know what? I really found the easiest hair style. Naturally it was curly (ok yes wild and frizzy), then as a couple of days went on I would twist and straighten over (literally took four minutes in the morning) and easy to straighten. 

    Now to the washing (and I know this seems like a long post I am sorry) of the hair. Pre full time work I probably washed my hair from one to two weeks but since full time work have kept it up to once a week (on wednesday as ‘w’ is for ‘wednesday’ is for ‘wash day’ [no I am not joking]).

    Lately I completely understand Garance’s posts about her hair. Yes, my hair is frizzy, curly and bigger than texas (afro style) but it’s thin and dry and doesn’t sit right so I wear it in a bun (what we would call a ‘study knob’) every single day, with the exception of a pony tail when I am feeling fancy. YES I am this girl. How did this happen?

    This is what Garance does with her curls. I went to the hairdresser (hair doctor) last week and he explained that since crossfit as I am perspiring (glowing?) a lot my hair and is getting damaged. What he wanted? For me to wash my hair every. single. day. with a new product that is not natural. What I wanted? Ok I thought, I can compromise to twice a week with the lovely organic, vegan & natural botanics product. Well, we met in the middle, now I don’t like using products that have chemicals in them BUT, he promised that if I washed my hair thrice a week for thirty washes (we decided on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday) then I would have a thick mane and be able to use my hippy, organic, vegan, natural botanical… you get the drift. There are three steps, cleanse, tone and spray.

    I know this doesn’t seem like a big dea but I hate washing my hair as I don’t like the clean look on me and my curls, but hair is important. During the week I wear minimal make up so I need to have hair that makes me feel good.


    P.S I have so many stories but this post is long enough! 

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