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  1. Noise: Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio - Fade Into You (Live from the Grand Ole Opry - Nashville)

    Love Noisy

    *A special song for today. 
    ** Have you noticed some more country tunes?
    *** Did you also notice this babe Clare Bowen is an Australian on the hit show Nashville?

  2. Noise: Tom Waits - Picture In a Frame 

    Perfect tune for this gloomy weather. I first heard this track on Bunheads and now am a huge Tom Waits fan.


  3. Colour: Trust Your Gut Baby!


    Image thanks to Curvy Yoga

    WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Where have you been (I hear you say)? Sorry for the lack of bogging clogging lately a lot has been happening including sick relatives, overseas travel (yes more), moving, new ventures and trying to keep my head above water. But I am here, alive and kicking and I will try to keep up with the clog. 

    So, this little topic has been playing on my mind a lot lately, and has even come up in a couple of tweets. There have been times in my life that I have made a decision and I don’t know why but I had a strong urge to do it, even if it was deemed ‘wrong!’

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  4. Noise: Tori Kelly & Angie Girl - Thinkin’ Bout You (Frank Ocean cover)

    Love Noisy

    P.S It’s time for a P.S story right? Am I right? So I go to get my eyebrowz threaded the other day and you know the history. If not, I like them thick and have been growing them out (all four hairs). I digressed, sorry. Anyway I sit in the chair, close my eyes and hear ‘snip.’ She brushed them up then trimmed them. INSERT YOUR EXPLETIVES HERE (BECAUSE I DID). Looks like the dream of having Abs from 5ive’s hair as my eyebrows is being taken away from me.  

    * So I just started watching The Walking Dead (I know I am late to the party again) as I am a big fan of Glen Mazzara (huge is an understatement). After a little research I found this guys blog (read it, you won’t regret it) with the above bueno tune he shared.  
    ** My love for Frank Ocean stems back to this time. My editor told me about him. 
    *** I also asked my father on a road trip the other day if he was enjoying my tunes (obviously I was playing FO) and he told me ‘no.’ I am still not over it. 

  5. Life: Bebes At Bayleaf In Byron Bay

    Firstly, I know what you’re thinking. How did you come up with that witty title for this post? I know, I know. I still shock myself sometimes too. Enough with that Australian sarcasm, today’s post is about one of my favourite (YES THAT’S HOW WE SPELL FAVOURITE) cafe’s in the world. Bayleaf, in Byron Bay (and Marvell Street). 


    Local slow cooked pork (I want to try to replicate this), poached eggs, bacon and tomatoes. 

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  6. Colour: Mrs Guadalajara Made Me Some Colour

    Hi bebes,

    Ok I am trying to get back into the clogging blogging now that my life has calmed down a little however I feel this post may freak you out a little. OK YES I blurred my face with my exceptional skills on photoshop. I bet you’re thinking what? Intrigued? Read more. Go on… I dare you. No I am not trying to manipulate you to read on…

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  7. Colour: Why I Put The Word ‘Colour’ In My Clog Name

    You may have noticed more recently I have been posting some of my crazy cococobana pants or my jewellery (there’s that Aussie spelling again) on instagram. I have been thinking about this for a while now. Since my holiday I feel about one million times better. There are some obvious reasons such as getting my sleep on (big time & with an eye mask), eating pretty well, not stressing too much, working out again but not going overboard and getting outside on our sporadic sunny spring days.

    But there’s also another reason. It’s having clothes to wear again. Let me explain. I saved up a lot prior to my trip not to mention my priorities are my health so food and fitness comes before clothes these days. Do I need to talk about the lawnmower (I love that post)?     

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  8. Life: Cooking With Brickz!

    See that up there? Yeah. It’s two bricks in my oven. So I first read about cooking with brickz on Chrissy Teigen’s blog So Delushious! I am not going to lie, I thought it sounded kinda groovy. OMG why did I say the word ‘groovy,’ I really don’t like that word? Then when I saw this easy recipe on Marks Daily Apple and I thought to myself, ‘why not?’ Also this recipe really is easy. Like for realz. I hate when you I try a recipe and find out it’s not that easy? But yeah bebes, this one is for real, easy peasy. 

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  9. Colour: Where Do I Start?

    Our veggie garden in Spain. 

    Why hello.

    I think the title really says it all. I don’t know where to start. I had an amazing holiday; each week was spent in a different country with different people. I loved every minute. Quite literally. And I ate some of the most amazing foods of my life, mainly jamon, seafood, pork belly, cheese, fruit & veg, dark chocolate. Oh and Jamon. No I did not purchase a pillow that looks exactly like a leg of jamon.

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  10. Colour: TDF for Realz!

    Gonna keep this one short and sweet bebes. After all those ‘TDF’ jokes, I have to tell you something. I booked a trip to Europe about a year ago. The dates were literally picked out of a hat, random (OK you got me I didn’t actually use a hat but you get the gist). It turns out I land the final day of TDF. The Tour De France people! So guess who’s watching the final day? (If you don’t know the answer to that rhetorical question it’s N/C/L).

    Here’s the deal, first time in Europe, never done a trip like this, not everything is planned, going solo and for a good chunk of time. Did I miss anything? I hope not.  I don’t know how ‘active’ I will be on twitter, I will see how I feel however I am going to head as offline as possible. This is a holiday and I plan on holidaying. 

    The main aims of the trip are above, the sea and good food. I will miss you all dearly (yes all of my twenty or so followers) and I will be back on the blog in spring time down under. 



    P.S I promise to bring back plenty of awky stories just for you! 

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