These are the reasons why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sofia. And yes I wrote LOVE three times in caps. That means I really mean it, because I was yelling and I repeated myself. 

1) She is on the funniest show ever know to man. Modern Family.
2) She is the funniest character on the show, her mannerisms are solid gold. I reckon she’s funny in real life too.
3) She is bringing curvy back. I LOVE HER CURVES!
4) I love how she wears big, bold, beautiful earrings on the show all the time.  
5) She’s so funny. Did I say that already?
6) She’s absolutely stunning, the hair, the face and the body! 
7) I have a soft spot for Colombians (thanks to Miss Colombia and her family).
8) The photos speak for themselves.

Sofia at the Vanity Fair Oscar After Party.


Image thanks to Getty via Zimbio

Check out her everyday outfit. I love how she rocks simple, bold colours.

Image thanks to Just Jared.

OMG. Emmys outfit. Earrings. OMG.

Image thanks to US magazine.


Image thanks to Just Jared.

Cannot handle.

Image thanks to Getty via Red Carpet Fashion Awards.


Image thanks to Extravaganzi.

I had to finish with this red outfit, I think it’s by far the best colour on her. Red has always been the colour I most wear, which is why I have a soft spot for this photo. Awky. I am doing my best to have hair like this. This is the aim people. Some people aim high people and NCL is one of those people, people. 

Image thanks to Real Beauty.


P.S I did the most awkward (‘awky’ the word is spreading and it’s even becoming viral) thing yesterday involving sending an email to the wrong person. Word of warning people. CHECK YOUR ADDRESSES.