Image thanks to Sandy Ramblings


Alright the (hair) doctor has ordered. 

So I have always been pretty obsessed with my hair (yeah I said it). I am going to go as far to say that it’s kinda been ‘my thing.’ In my early teens I chopped it off a la Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors. Now I have extremely wild and curly hair so to tame it, I would sleep with gel, hair pins about an inch apart from each other with a beenie to make sure there was no movement when I slept. This led to many styles including long and ironed out with an actual iron; to butterfly clips (about fifteen) and sparkly chopsticks, not to mention a classy hair piece with tiny braids all through it (I know what you’re thinking, and yes it was saucy). Later in my teens teens I decided a longer mullet with thick blonde streaks was going to happen (yes it was a little horrific); which lead to the natural 20’s from a bob to growing it out with highlights (not tips Miss Bronx keeps reminding me, it’s not the 90’s anymore), sometimes balayage or sometimes even tye die. And you know what? I really found the easiest hair style. Naturally it was curly (ok yes wild and frizzy), then as a couple of days went on I would twist and straighten over (literally took four minutes in the morning) and easy to straighten. 

Now to the washing (and I know this seems like a long post I am sorry) of the hair. Pre full time work I probably washed my hair from one to two weeks but since full time work have kept it up to once a week (on wednesday as ‘w’ is for ‘wednesday’ is for ‘wash day’ [no I am not joking]).

Lately I completely understand Garance’s posts about her hair. Yes, my hair is frizzy, curly and bigger than texas (afro style) but it’s thin and dry and doesn’t sit right so I wear it in a bun (what we would call a ‘study knob’) every single day, with the exception of a pony tail when I am feeling fancy. YES I am this girl. How did this happen?

This is what Garance does with her curls. I went to the hairdresser (hair doctor) last week and he explained that since crossfit as I am perspiring (glowing?) a lot my hair and is getting damaged. What he wanted? For me to wash my hair every. single. day. with a new product that is not natural. What I wanted? Ok I thought, I can compromise to twice a week with the lovely organic, vegan & natural botanics product. Well, we met in the middle, now I don’t like using products that have chemicals in them BUT, he promised that if I washed my hair thrice a week for thirty washes (we decided on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday) then I would have a thick mane and be able to use my hippy, organic, vegan, natural botanical… you get the drift. There are three steps, cleanse, tone and spray.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big dea but I hate washing my hair as I don’t like the clean look on me and my curls, but hair is important. During the week I wear minimal make up so I need to have hair that makes me feel good.


P.S I have so many stories but this post is long enough!